The rise and fall of Tho Ha pottery village

Since ancient times, Tho Ha pottery has been widely sold in Thang Long citadel. During the reign of King Le Huy Tong (1680-1705), two Tho Ha people came to Chua Ha (a famous temple now in Tu Liem, Hanoi) to sell ceramics in markets inside and outside Thang Long citadel. Due to the prosperous business, two families volunteered a large amount of money to rebuild Ha Pagoda on a large scale with bricks and tiles as it is today.

To be able to create very durable products such as jars, bowls, and small clay pots with dark brown, eel skin color, Tho Ha ancient village does not have clay, so potters have to buy clay from Choa and Xuan Lai in Vietnam. Yen Phong district, more than a dozen kilometers from Tho Ha ancient village and had to cross the river very hard. It is a kind of yellow clay, green clay, low in grit and impurities, which is easy to shape and shape when fired at high temperature.

Thanks to that, Tho Ha Pottery can create large-sized products with a capacity of 400-500 liters. Tho Ha pottery does not use glaze, is fired at high temperature to melt the glaze and become crockery, dark brown ceramic, bruised face, knocking on the ceramic sounds like a bell, the piece of pottery has sharp edges like a knife. , liquid containers never seep through, solid solids filled tightly, never moldy. Tho Ha pottery for thousands of years does not lose color due to good firing techniques.

In the early 80s, the economy of the subsidy period was extremely difficult, the villagers switched to a new profession of making rice noodles and making wine from cassava. During this time cooking from rice and selling alcohol was still prohibited. Many workers have left the ceramic factory to return to work.

By 1988, plastic items had become common, products such as large and heavy clay pots and jars were difficult to sell, so Da Vang Pottery Factory was dissolved, putting an end to the nearly 900-year-old pottery profession of Tho Ha ancient village  River.


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