The rich old man was hiding in Tho Ha ancient village

Despite of Head of the Villages, Trinh Quang Du in Tho Ha village was rich through pottery production and trade. If anyone has the opportunity to travel to Bac Giang, it is definitely impossible to ignore Tho Ha ancient village. This is a village located on the banks of the Cau River, bustling with boats all year round.

Stepping into Tho Ha ancient village, visitors can easily feel the familiar scenery of the old village with banyan trees, wells, communal house and close-knit ancient houses, small alleys that are only enough for one person to go.

However, Tho Ha ancient village is quite different from other northern villages in that there is absolutely no rice field. For generations, villagers have mainly lived by handicrafts such as: Production of rice paper rolls, rice noodles, pottery, sesame rice cakes…

There are still 15 wooden houses in the village, aged from 200 to 300 years old, not to mention some houses with French architecture built in the early 20th century. That is a testament to the wealth and abundance of the past. Among them, it is possible to mention the house of Trinh Quang Du and his wife, Trinh Thi Cuom. To this day, the couple’s descendants still live in Tho Ha ancient village.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Tuyet (SN 1960) – Trinh Quang Du’s granddaughter-in-law shared: “My grandfather was born in 1900, working as the Head of the Villages, managing 3 communes. In the early years of the 20th century, his family was the second richest in Tho Ha village. That wealth is thanks to the resourcefulness and skill of the couple with the business profession.

At first, the old woman traded in cloth and rice, hired ships to transport goods to Hanoi and the provinces along the Cau River. People bought each bowl of rice to eat, he bought the whole warehouse to trade. When starting to have large capital, Mr. Du and his wife invested in building a series of pottery kilns, hiring dozens of workers to work.

Taking advantage of the geographical location, Mr. Du connected with a friend named Lang (Hai Duong), opening branches to introduce products in the provinces. The amount of ceramic output is so large that boats docked and carried pottery for Mr. Du for days and nights.

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