The quiet, ancient beauty of Non Nuoc Pagoda in Ninh Binh

Non Nuoc Pagoda near Tam Coc Ninh Binh was built entirely of solid and solid stone in an area of up to 2,000 m2. The most prominent work is the main hall located in the center, which is adorned with a double roof system, roofed with familiar eye-catching red and blue tiles. The roof of the pagoda is designed in a traditional style with the tail curved up to the sky like a sharp sword, the top is decorated with graceful and attractive dragon and phoenix carvings.

Inside the main temple, there is a giant golden Buddha statue in the middle, or side statues. This is also the place to welcome visitors to pilgrimage, worship and pray every day, so the space is always full of incense, bringing a feeling of sacredness and mystery. Non Nuoc pagoda near Tam Coc Ninh Binh also has 2 gates, one in the north and one in the south, in which the south gate is the most visited by the people, also the place where villagers often release carp to see off Mr. to worship the sky on the occasion of Tet.

As soon as you step through the gate, you will see a meticulously sculpted white stone statue of Guan Yin, looking down at sentient beings with compassionate eyes. And when walking along the entrance, there are also many stone statues in many different positions: there is an old man sitting on a stone bench, stroking his beard, thinking, and there is an old lady who is close to betel nut… strangely lively scene.

In particular, covering the campus of Non Nuoc pagoda near Tam Coc Ninh Binh is a lot of green trees, from hundreds of years old trees to bonsai pots meticulously trimmed into many unique shapes, there are even creepers cover the fence, so if you take a boat from afar, look back when the temple is engulfed in the early morning fog, you will see that this place is like a magical and poetic place. Moreover, when standing in the yard of Non Nuoc Pagoda, you can not only breathe in the fresh and pure air, hear the temple bells or chanting chanting to dispel all your troubles, but also see the unique architecture. The uniqueness of Ninh Binh Bridge, Non Nuoc Bridge and the peaceful life of residents on the Day River.

In addition, visitors can also visit Truong Han Sieu temple right next to it to light incense to commemorate his merit in discovering this beautiful mountain or climb 72 mossy stone steps to the top of Non Nuoc mountain. fully admire the charming scenery of Ninh Binh river and sit in the Nghinh Phong pavilion to enjoy the feeling of how the heroes of the past sat in the wind and talked about poetry and literature. not bad.

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