The pure white color of plum flowers on the Bac Ha plateau

Coming to Bac Ha highland near Sapa Vietnam in these February days, visitors can’t help but be overwhelmed and amazed by the pure white of plum flowers. At the end of the year, go to Sapa to see white plum flowers. Plum blossoms bloom to announce the arrival of Spring. The hills of plum blossoms bloom in white in the mist of the highlands, making Bac Ha as beautiful as a fanciful picture. Visitors admire the yellow color of canola flowers and the white plum flowers in the Bac Ha highlands.

The plum blossom hills are in full bloom on the Bac Ha plateau near Sapa Vietnam. The yellow color of canola flowers and the white color of plum flowers create a beautiful upland picture. With no splendor, no need to give off a sweet scent, just with very simple, idyllic, everyday beauty, plum blossoms of Bac Ha mountains have stirred and captivated people. White plum blossoms adorn the landscape of Bac Ha.

On the days before Tet, plum flowers bloom in white mountains, white villages, white roads on the Bac Ha plateau near Sapa Vietnam. Hidden in the white color of plum flowers is the image of simple stilt roofs and the peaceful and lovely life of the highland ethnic people. Plum flowers have a simple beauty, pure white and infatuated with people. Plum blossoms bloom very quickly, only brilliant for about 2-3 weeks and then fade away to be replaced by young plums. This is also an opportunity for photographers and videographers to come and capture the ravishing moments of this flower. The hills of white plum blossoms are also a place to attract young people in traditional costumes to take pictures.

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