The predestined relationship to meet “children in the mist”

Before meeting Di, I was fortunate to talk to Ha Le Diem, director of 31 years old, Tay girl from Bac Kan. The conversation for nearly 2 hours by phone at the time of “children in the mist” has just been published on the list of Oscar nominations. Diem excitedly shared about the predestined relationship with Di and the children in Sapa Vietnam.

It was a business trip in 2016, Diem stumbled upon Di Di and was led home by him. Born and raised in the mountains, witnessing the scene of playing with friends made Diem remember his childhood. “The moment when Di played, his eyes, smiles, and clarity made me involuntarily bring the device up. I want to keep that memory. ” And then, vivid, realistic footage and interaction with Di’s very natural lens and friends made Diem decide to film into a documentary. More than 3 years, about 5 to 6 times a year, a few weeks, even a month, Diem went back between Hanoi and in Sapa Vietnam to return to Di’s life at times like preparing to enter the school year. New, before the semester exam, starting the transplantation, adjacent to Tet … Diem is close and lives with his family as a member of the house. The conflicts began in 2018, Diem saw changes in Di. She no longer likes games like before, bigger and like a young woman, emotional, easy to be happy, easy to be sad, more concerned and gradually sliding from innocent moments. Diem began to worry about traveling many boyfriends to keep an eye on. Diem’s worries really happened, Di was dragged to his wife in a rude way in front of Diem on a spring festival.

Diem shared: I know the custom of pulling the Mong people in Sapa Vietnam is a cultural feature but I did not anticipate the tradition that could be so brutal. Diem did not condemn or criticize anything. Diem respects different customs and cultures, because after all, we are also the people who look from outside, not their culture, but that culture needs to be understood and implemented in the right way.

Diem added: everywhere is innocent, cute, innocent, no calculation. But children in the highlands often suffer from many disadvantages, because the opportunity to interact with the vast world is less, life is still difficult, harsh weather … Through the film, Diem wants upland children to continue. Close to the opportunity to study, because the sky out there is very large.

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