The place to mark Ninh Binh military weapons factory

Joining the trip with the veteran group, we experienced and learned a lot of interesting information about the ancient capital. Pristine limestone mountains containing geomorphological and geological values, surrounded by many valleys, lakes and rivers, make up the complex of Trang An scenic spots near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, recognized by UNESCO as a “dual” heritage. . Also because of the topography of many rocky mountains, caves, valleys, river wharfs, estuaries, communal houses and pagodas, during the years of the war against the French, Ninh Binh was chosen as a “red safe zone” to organize production workshops. export weapons, train new recruits… serve the battlefield.

The first stop of the delegation was to visit the base of B4-Tran Phu Workshop in Da Ban cave near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. In the past, in Da Ban cave, there was a very sacred Lien Hoa ancient pagoda, worshiped and protected by people around the area. According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Tao, 66, who was assigned by the local government to take care of Lien Hoa Pagoda, this temple is hundreds of years old. Ms. Tao was told by her mother, Duong Thi Mien, that after 1951, when the Military Military Department surveyed and built a military factory here, the people were very supportive. Under the screen is to go to the temple to cover the enemy’s eyes, all the entrances and exits of the working departments are very convenient. Although there was also a time when he wanted to check, but before the fierce opposition of the local people not allowing to disturb the sacred place, the French army and their henchmen were helpless.

Through research, we learned that B4 is the “leading” workshop of Military Region 2 with dozens of machine tools, a steam generator and more than 300 workers, including many good workers. The main products of B4 are duck-billed grenades, smash grenades, grenade launchers and grenade launchers. Initially, the factory operated independently, then imported more factories: Luong Khanh Thien in Thung Khong, Trang An near Tam Coc Ninh Binh; Red Fire in Ba Cua Mountain and Workshop 316 – Nguyen Van To in Hang Binh form the Tran Phu Defense Industry cluster.

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