The picture of gentle and poetic nature in Ban Ho

Coming to Ban Ho Sapa Vietnam, you will be able to see firsthand the majestic natural picture that is very wild and peaceful. This place owns rapids and waterfalls, shiny terraced fields, stretching endlessly.

On the way to Ban Ho Sapa Vietnam, you will pass through Hoang Lien Son national forest, which possesses a rich and diverse flora system with hundreds of rare tree species. Ban Ho Sapa Vietnam is also famous for 2 cool streams, La Ve stream and Muong Hoa stream. Each stream brings an ethereal and gentle beauty along with a characteristic temperate climate, making any visitor here must be infatuated.

At La Ve stream, there are many beautiful fish species for you to enjoy. It is for that reason that La Ve stream is also called Ca Nhay waterfall. In contrast to La Ve stream is the poetic and gentle Muong Hoa stream. This stream has long been associated with the daily life of the Tay people. That’s why when you come to Ban Ho Sapa Vietnam, you should definitely stop by this stream to visit.

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