The past space freezes on Tho Ha ancient village

Tho Ha ancient village is located peacefully by the poetic Cau River, it seems as the time has gone back by the ancient features of the architecture here. Not only is it a traditional village with the style of the old Northern Delta, but this place is also a famous craft village for its delicious golden rice cakes. This is a destination for those who love learning about architecture, Vietnamese history and traditional craft villages, or simply need moments of relaxation in a peaceful scenery.

Through hundreds of years of ups and downs of history, Tho Ha ancient village still retains its own distinctive features in the architecture, culture, customs and shape of the ancient Kinh Bac people. All are precious relics and pride of the ancient villagers. Coming here, visitors can easily see that the main architecture of Tho Ha ancient village is the houses with three chambers, five chambers, old roof tiles, which are warm in winter, cool in summer.

These works are nestled under the ancient trees for a long time. The roof of the communal house, the pagoda, the village gate, the ancient houses, the peaceful village street in the early sunshine. All exude a serene and close beauty, the characteristic of the old houses in the Northern Delta region. The scenery makes people feel like they are returning to the distant years, we not only find a sense of peace, but also feel the relaxation when going back in time.

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