The most luxurious mansion ever

After a century of existence, Hoang A Tuong’s mansion has an ancient contemplative look. The color of time is dyed boldly on each tile, corridor, pillar, old mossy wall… Mr. Lam Van Thang, representative of Lao Cai Tourism Promotion and Information Center said that this work was built. built between 1914-1921. This was originally both a residence and a working place for father and son Hoang Yen Chao, Hoang A Tuong (Tay ethnic group) – Tho ty in the border area before 1945 near Sapa Vietnam

“The Tay people have the custom of naming the house after the child who lived with his parents when he was an adult. Therefore, this project is called Hoang A Tuong mansion near Sapa Vietnam,” said Mr. Lam Van Thang. The total area of ​​the whole building is up to 10,000m2, surrounded by walls with many holes, there is a path on the wall for the guards to patrol. According to Mr. Thang, the process of preparation and construction of this work took place very elaborately. First, the Landlord Hoang Yen Chao invited a good geographer from China to find the best land and location in the region. The chosen site is located on a wide hill. The mansion faces Southeast, leaning against the mountain, in front of the stream.

Not only having a prime location, the architecture of Hoang A Tuong ancient palace near Sapa Vietnam also makes visitors surprised. “It is a smooth and delicate combination between the two architectural styles of Eurasia and Eurasia, showing the cultural interference between East and West clearly. Because, the project is designed and supervised by two architects from two different cultures (France, China),” said a representative of Lao Cai Tourism Information and Promotion Center. Specifically, the architecture of the mansion shows the combination of French architecture (17th and 18th centuries) with Chinese architecture through the creative hands of Vietnamese workers.

The system of columns and roofs is embossed with many textures of grape leaves and laurel patterns symbolizing prosperity, warmth and happiness. The roof is covered with yin and yang tiles. The arched door system and the bow-shaped staircase create the impression of innovation and grandeur for the building.

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