The lotus flower near Tam Coc Ninh Binh is as beautiful as an illusory smile

When I was a child near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, in front of my house was a small river that ran throughout the village. Winter and spring, the river is calm with sparkling water. Only when summer comes, lotus begins to appear. Initially, there were a few young green leaves the size of a hand mixed with pink-brown colors floating up to look at the harsh sky. Lotus season begins! A few days I forgot to look at the river, and in the morning I saw round lotus leaves almost filling the water’s surface. I like to look at the lotus leaves while they are still clinging to the river surface. When it rains or dews in the morning, water drops roll around, sparkling like diamonds in the early summer sun. Then the lotus grew up like a mature child, no matter how big the river water was, it was just at the bottom. The lotus leaves rise up, sparsely and then thickly together. The leaves are green, the older they get, the darker they become. At this time, the river becomes an endless green stream. The leaves are wide and big, some are spread out like a tray, some are cupped like a hat, some are tiny like a hat, all swaying, fluttering, dazed with the wild dance of the lotus. . When we went to school, there were days when we didn’t wear hats or hats. Just pick a leaf to cover and see a fragrant, cool lotus-scented sky above our heads. I like the newly grown lotus leaves.

They curl tightly on both sides of the leaf edges and then slowly spread out. These are lotus buds. When I was a child near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, we often took leaf buds and lotus pistils to eat. They were fragrant, delicious and sweet. The scent of lotus leaves spreads along the southeast winds blowing through the village, seeping into clothes, scarves, lips, and eyes, everywhere is scented with the pure scent of lotus leaves. The small lotus stems are rough but extremely sturdy, storms and winds pass by without leaving any trace because the lotus learns lessons from soft and flexible water. When a lotus stem or lotus stem is broken, there are still silk threads between the two segments that cling to each other. That image was written by the great poet Nguyen Du in the story Kieu in the masterpiece poem: “Even if the mind is separated, the thread of the heart still remains.” Yet, those leaf stems are stripped of silk to weave wonderful fabrics for the fashion industry from lotus! There are few plants that captivate people with the elegant scent of leaves like lotus. When autumn comes, the street vendors packing green rice at the beginning of the season are so attractive. The turquoise color and fragrance of young green rice grains penetrate, blending with the dark green color and the scent of lotus leaves, which is cool, sweet, and mellow.

Eating once is not easy to forget. Then comes flower season. The flower pops out of the water like a purple-brown arrow, as big as the new leaf, taking on the shape of a flame rising straight up into the sky. Lotus buds gradually change from purple to pink and begin to bloom brightly. The cupped flower petals gently spread out in eight directions, the gentle scent spread far into the four directions, drifting gently into the sunlight and wind… I cradled the pink lotus in my hand, my hand. filled with lotus scent. White petals with a purple-pink blush bloom. The lotus blooms like a young woman in the season of love, innocently displaying its fragrance, overwhelming people with its elegant, gentle, gentle and intoxicating scent. The lotus blooms as if all the beauty and charm were concentrated into the flower. The color of the flower can be pearly white, pure white lotus flower or pinkish white mixed with light purple color, fresh lotus rose flower. There are also celandine flowers like bright, beautiful sunshine flowers, sent down to this earth by the sun, but they are quite rare. Looking at the smiling flowers makes me feel curious and precious. The flowers are fully open, the yellow stamens are full of pollen like a layer of yellow dust embracing the beautiful, gentle lemon yellow pistil. The lotus flower does not last, it is only beautiful for one day, like the beautiful, illusory, fragile smile of a girl, on the second day it begins to fade. The petals curve like boats landing on the water, returning to the surface of the lagoon the butchers of lotus flowers looming under the green leaves. The stamens also gradually fall off, leaving them bare to the sun and wind, gradually becoming a lotus stem. I plucked the bunch of lotus stamens that were about to fall and crushed them in my hand near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. Oh my God, the unique, fragrant scent of lotus permeates the skin of my ten fingers! It’s the first time I’ve seen such a strong lotus scent.

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