The keeper of the fire for Tho Ha pottery

For a long time, the people of Tho Ha ancient village were no longer attached to pottery making as before and gradually the pottery profession was lost. With passion and desire to keep the traditional craft of pottery, Trinh Dac Tan is the only person in the village with a kiln and he is trying his best to keep the village’s traditional craft.

It is often said that Tho Ha ancient village pottery is the voice of earth and fire, expressing simplicity and folk but equally artistic value. Unlike Phu Lang pottery or Bat Trang pottery, Tho Ha ancient village pottery is not glazed, but the color of the ceramic has a natural beauty. Tho Ha pottery is fired at a high temperature, so it becomes crockery, dark brown like honey, rattles like steel when knocked, pieces of pottery are sharp like knives, containing liquids that never penetrate, containing substances. tightly covered snake never moldy. It is because of such characteristics that Tho Ha pottery is favored and used by many people. At that time, most people’s houses had a product of Tho Ha pottery, from water troughs, jars, jars to worshiping objects.

However, since the transition to a market economy, the pottery industry here is no longer sustainable, only a few families maintain production because the product has no place to consume, the demand in the market has changed in the past few years. At that time, many products with diverse functions and designs were born to replace ceramics.

“Losing the pottery profession is a mistake to his father, to future generations”, that is Mr. Tan’s confided words. He fancied the idea of ​​opening a pottery kiln with the desire to restore the famous traditional craft. He knew how many difficulties he had to face in front of him, but he could only motivate himself: to succeed, he had to overcome difficulties and challenges. He still vividly remembers the feeling of joy and joy when he saw the first ceramic products made by his own hands. Tho Ha ancient village pottery is not far away, but it exists right in front of our eyes: the jars and wine jars shine with the color of cockroach wings, as beautiful as honey. At that time, the belief in restoring Tho Ha pottery was stronger than ever.

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