The girls are “crazy” with Sapa roses

Have you ever believed in the world of fairy tales? Do you think heaven on earth is real? If in doubt, I will lead you to a place! A place where you can see that life is beautiful, a place that will fill your child’s heart with happiness, and a place that makes you inexplicably infatuated with selfies. Take a look at the charming beauty of Sapa roses, to explain why, the girls are so crazy about this.

Sapa ancient rose is the oldest precious rose variety of Vietnam grown in the Northwest mountains of Vietnam. With strong growth ability and dizzyingly fast blooming rate, the flowers are beautiful and fragrant. Swear that, if you plant an ancient rose tree in Sapa Vietnam, it is guaranteed that you will have a flower that blooms all year round, brilliant in four seasons.

Sapa ancient rose is one of the most sought after names with pink players. The reason is called Sapa ancient rose because many years ago, before the French invaded Vietnam, brought this precious rose variety and was planted in many palaces and monuments in Sapa Vietnam. Gradually, Sapa’s ancient roses were known to many people, passed on to each other and kept until now. Sapa ancient rose is a kind of double-winged rose, royal tea cup form, lotus pink color and has a classic fragrance that captivates people’s hearts. Sapa Vietnam ancient rose is a bush, blooms all year round, is very diligent in flowers and grows vigorously. Should be suitable for planting into rose fences, rose balconies, and beautiful rose pots.

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