The gate of the ancient village of Tho Ha – A non rhyming medious song about endless love for the homeland

From the time I was in the cradle until I grew up, it is not easy to forget the mossy, Tho Ha ancient village gate when walking around the horizon. The Tho Ha ancient village soul is simple and rustic, but it’s easy to forget. The gate of Tho Ha village always shows the serenity, bringing a feeling of peace and love.

Those who have experienced life’s ups and downs, so that after a long journey back to their hometown, they will understand how the gate creates tangible and invaluable values. Behind the village gate is the integration of the village community and family.

In the soul of every Tho Ha people, the image of the village gate is very dear. There are countless traces of childhood on the body of the gate, those are hot summer afternoons, children come here to play marbles, play nicely. The other place is as smooth as a mat for the village children to lament, lounging around waiting for their mother to return to the countryside markets. Then on a cool, windy moon night, young men and women go on a date and send their love at the village gate.

That’s it, the explanation of the village spirit is vast and open, but here I would like to mention only the Tho Ha ancient village gate. Why in the minds of Tho Ha ancient village people, the village gate “lives so long”? Stepping through the gate is to enter a bold Northern space, a wharf with waves of water, an old banyan tree that gives shade all year round, or an ancient mossy roof… Then there are bold people. honest, friendly nature. Talking about the village is many, many, from the habits of the land, the people, the eating habits, the living habits to the customs.

Inside, behind the Tho Ha ancient villagegate are ancestors, grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters, neighbors and relatives. It is the custom, the village rules and all the cultural values ​​handed down by the forefathers”.

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