The floor of the flower well of pomelo flowers occasionally brings…

In her childhood days in Tho Ha ancient village every January, she carefully picked up pomelo flowers and put them in a drying basket to make tea. In order to have a cup of pomelo flower tea with the right taste and aroma of spring heaven and earth, she has to pick up each grapefruit flower that is still intact or flowers that are still budding. The pomelo flowers fall during the day, are white in color, making a delicious cup of tea. She carefully separates each petal, removing the stigma from the bitter tea. The ceramic jar in which she holds the pomelo petals is duplicated and mixed with pre-processed green tea buds. Each layer of tea is a layer of petals. When finished, close the lid, wait for about two days, then you can bring the tea back and directly brew it with hot water to use. Guests come to the house, a warm story is added with a cup of tea marinated with grapefruit flowers, the sweet taste remains at the base of the tongue, in the crisp laughter that warms the whole spring sky.

The pomelo flower tea she marinated for home use in Tho Ha ancient village, brought to relatives in the street or children far from home on the street also liked to carry a bag of tea. It is also a way to relieve the nostalgia for her homeland when she is far away, she smiled softly. Mother took advantage of the pomelo pistils she separated, adding blooming petals to the pot of water to wash her hair. Grapefruit flowers have a mild fragrance, typical of rural flowers. Essential oil from the fragrant pistil, occasionally nestled behind the silky smooth hair.

The children who are engrossed in the rice and lettering clothes every spring, they always wait for their mother to cook a pot of grapefruit perfume to wash their hair in Tho Ha ancient village. Remember, on the porch of the well, in the past, each child lined up to have their mother wash their hair with grapefruit perfume. I have washed you so many gentle springs, from the time when my hair was green to the navigator. And how happy life is to be a child when it comes to being a wife, being a mother is still being washed by the loving hand of a gentle mother every spring. Her bony hands, with many calluses, reminded her of a difficult time and her boundless motherly love. Grapefruit flower season reminds me of a difficult time, my mother worked hard to split each sugarcane, cut it into small pieces to eat, put it in a plastic bag, and marinate it with white grapefruit wings and bring it to the market to sell. The bags of sugar cane marinated with pomelo flower scent are forever a sweet and rustic gift that anyone who travels far will always remember.

Later, her mother struggled to bring pomelo flowers to the city, roaming around the small streets to sell to people. People in the street like pomelo flowers as a way for people to relieve their homesickness. A bunch of fragrant pomelo flowers filled the room, filled with sweet spring smiles. For children like me, mother is like a messenger of heaven and earth, bringing fragrance from the countryside to the street. And that scent is always imprinted in the memories of the children far from home, to miss and remind a peaceful sky. The parents’ children are still absorbed in rice and clothes for a good spring morning, suddenly realizing with tears that the pomelo tree on the floor of the well has bloomed white flowers. Grandma’s body, mother’s body is thin, and she carefully chooses each petal of grapefruit to marinate tea, marinate sugarcane and send it to the street for her children and grandchildren. Strangely enough, even though it’s not next to it, in my mind I can still feel the faint scent of grapefruit flowers, my heart is filled with nostalgia for the old days. That is the taste of love, of family in Tho Ha ancient village, of the sweet spring ahead…

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