The entrance ceremony – The ritual in the traditional wedding in Tho Ha ancient village

The entrance ceremony in Tho Ha ancient village is also known as the alley touching ceremony. This is a meeting after the two sides have agreed to marry their son and daughter and decided to choose an auspicious day for the groom to ask permission to marry the bride. In other words, this is a serious meeting of the two families, for the couple to step into a long-term and serious relationship.

The entrance ceremony in Tho Ha ancient village will bring a little different style but the procedures are mostly the same, not carrying too many principles. However, for sophisticated and traditional families, this ceremony will be very important.

In fact, The entrance ceremony is not mandatory . However, if the two families decide to hold the wedding ceremony, the two sides need to negotiate and choose a suitable date. Usually, each entrance ceremony will be held 2 to 3 months before the wedding.

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