The elaborate process of making products

Silver carving requires ingenuity, meticulousness, creativity and high aesthetic eye of artisans. First of all, to make silver, the Mong people in Sapa Vietnam need many tools combined: blower, blower, furnace, silver crucible, casting mold, hammer hammer (there are 4 types: buffalo horn hammer, hand hammer, miss hammer and small hammer); iron pliers (there are 3 types: the long one is used to poke the coals, pick up the cooking pot or adjust the pot position in the furnace during the silver cooking process; the shorter one is used to pick up the product during the quenching process as well as the processing when the silver is still available. hot; the small type is used to pair silver during processing on an anvil to shape and shape the final product).

Decorative patterns on silver jewelry of the Mong people in Sapa Vietnam are usually floral motifs, leaves, moon shapes, spirals, bees, butterflies and items associated with daily life. The set of chisels is made of iron nails, including 4 types, with different shapes, sizes, and functions. For example: “Ná tram” is used to touch tiny patterns, “Cat ma” is used to touch dot-shaped patterns, “Hard master” is used to touch long stripes, “Chay nix” is used to touch all kinds of things. semicircular pattern; “Shapeng” is used to touch square patterns.

To make valuable silver products, artisans must have experience in choosing and distinguishing raw materials. If impurities are used in the process, silver is often broken during processing, without pure whiteness, and the product cost is not high, and cannot promote health protection and exorcism. Carving patterns is the most sophisticated and meticulous stage. Artists must use their creative minds and aesthetic eyes to carve patterns on raw products, making the jewelry soft, lively, flexible and delicate. Decorative patterns on silver jewelry are usually floral motifs, leaves, moon shapes, spirals, bees, butterflies, and objects associated with daily life such as millstones, figurines, etc. propeller, crescent-shaped…). In particular, the fern motif is a typical pattern on the jewelry products of the Mong people in Sapa Vietnam

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