The day I enlisted in the army

We young people gathered five, three talked, guessing old, guessing young,in Tho Ha ancient village who enlisted in the army this time… Going to work to cooperate in the field earlier than the dong, when working, he didn’t want to go home, mood anxious not to worry, happy not to be happy. Parents are really worried, in addition to the pride in having their children directly participate in the fight to protect the Fatherland, is the fear of bombs and bullets because some mothers hide their tears from the other. . Fathers seem to be more knowledgeable about the world, mainly listening to Radio Voice of Vietnam. Who heard the information, remember what to say, that we are “Strategic Offensive” in all three regions of Quang Tri, Central Highlands, and Southern Delta. Many big battles, we are taking the initiative in all the battlefields. Negotiations in Paris have made many important steps… My father did not say it, but he knew that I would join the army this time, because there were no participants at home, the commune did not approve my application to go to university. My father said: “You have to be well trained when you are trained, you have to be smart, fast, and active in the battlefield”, because my father led the district guerrilla team during the war against the French. I know that, but I can’t imagine how difficult and fierce the battlefield is. Mr. Quy heard that he was also planning to go this time, he said, “I have to build the bank, harrow my mother’s field, and if I don’t go, my mother has to go for a ride”. Chien said: “I’m half dead and I still owe Mr. Thung a few thousand yet to pay, I’m too famous.” I’m trying to hoe the yard, and with my dad, I’m fixing the buffalo stable with a broken roof for a long time, leaking all over the floor of the barn. The gayest guy in the Ma hamlet is married and has children. The grandparents have just moved the couple out to live separately, are building a house, can roof it but have not finished covering the wall, the house is still empty and empty. Hung asked his wife next month, saw that Gieng was organized but also planned to join the army this time…

On the day of my family’s party in Tho Ha ancient village, there was Mr. Chuong from the army coming back to the neighborhood to play, everyone gathered to ask and listen to Mr. Chuong talking about the battlefield. Through Mr. Chuong, the battlefield was very fierce, the bombs and bullets were dark, our troops were very brave. After eating, everyone huddled around holding hands to wish me: “You walk with hard feet and soft stones, strive to successfully complete the task, bring glory to the family”. Everyone gave me money, some five dimes, some one copper, some two. Mrs. Lien said: “If I go there to meet Chien, I tell him that my mother is still healthy at home, don’t worry.” Mr. Hoa also said: “I met your uncle Tai and told him to write a letter, saying that Hoa is very good or comes to help you, write a letter to him”…

At 7 o’clock on the 12th, we gathered at the yard of the Commune People’s Committee in Tho Ha ancient village, every man was carrying a bag. I have two bags, a bag of clothes, a red-bound notebook, an envelope file and stamps for mailing back, two Truong Son fountain pens with nice names, a brand new Kowloon ink bottle tightly held. in nylon pads. One bag is a ball of sticky rice, a packet of roasted chicken wrapped in banana leaves, a bottle of cooled boiled water. After the meeting, listening to the Chairman of the commune speak, listening to the captain’s understanding, we marched on foot to the gathering place of the district. Relatives were broken up, some young people with bicycles took us a further distance.

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