The custom of wrapping banh chung in the ancient village of Tho Ha

Tho Ha ancient village is famous for its banyan trees, wells, communal yards, etc., including the custom of wrapping banh chung. At the end of the year, everyone wishes to finish their work soon to be reunited with their family. Because everyone wants to be with their family to prepare for Tet, especially gathering with the family to pack banh chung to offer to ancestors and grandparents.

In order to make a delicious banh chung, Tho Ha ancient village  people choose the type of sticky rice that is in the middle of the cake, so that the cake has its own aroma, the new cake is green; Sticky rice must choose a new type of rice to be harvested, the cake will be fragrant and flexible; peeled green beans and shoulder or bacon. Green beans and dong leaves represent delicious and sweet fruits; Pork represents animals and sticky rice is the wet rice civilization of the Vietnamese people.

In order to make banh chung, there are many stages to perform: From washing Dong leaves, drying before wrapping, soaking glutinous rice overnight, green beans, pounding, marinating pork… and then wrapping the cake. In the past, Tho Ha ancient village  people used to cook cakes with a large pot and cook with a wood stove, now they mainly cook with electric stoves instead. Perhaps every Vietnamese person, more or less, has memories of wrapping banh chung on Tet holiday with their family. Busy, hard work but extremely excited and joyful.

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