The custom of worshiping the forest at the beginning of the year of the Nung ethnic group in Si Ma Cai

With the concept that the forest is also ruled by a forest god, so every year, every year, in January, the Nung ethnic group in all villages and villages in Si Ma Cai district near Sapa Vietnam organize a ceremony to worship the forest and offer gifts to the forest god. with wishes for a happy new year. Forest worshiping ceremony is held right in the forbidden forest of each village. Depending on the local conditions, the offerings are different. Some villages slaughter pigs every year, others slaughter buffalo once every three years. The offering tray usually has chicken, sticky rice, meat, and wine. The person in charge of the ceremony is the sorcerer, over 40 years old, knowledgeable in customs, respected and trusted by the villagers. During the worshiping ceremony, the Nung people burn incense to invite the forest god to witness the reverence of the villagers. The worship song expresses gratitude to the gods who have protected the villagers, implying that the forest god will bless the new year with good rain and wind, so that everyone has good health, a warm house, and prosperous business. .

Outside of the forest offering ceremony, the forbidden forest is a sacred place where no one can intrude, no one is allowed to cut down trees or do unclean things. The Nung people near Sapa Vietnam believe that, if anyone violates the above ban, that person will have bad luck for the whole year. If the violation is detected, the violator will have to perform a ceremony and invite the sorcerer to worship to apologize to the gods. This concept is often respected by people in the village, so it is rarely violated.

After the forest offering ceremony, people hold the festival right in the forbidden forest. A gong sounded to announce the completion of the forest worshiping ceremony, a time when the villagers gathered together to eat and drink. The tray of offerings is usually reserved for the elderly in the village. The food prepared in advance is brought into the forest for everyone to eat. The custom of worshiping the forest at the beginning of the year of the Nung ethnic group near Sapa Vietnam shows the sense of respect and protection of the forest, gratitude to the gods, heaven and earth, and ancestors. This is a beautiful culture that needs to be preserved.

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