The custom of “Waiting for a year to get married of the Red Dao ethnic group”

This is a beauty in the wedding of the Red Dao people that visitors will be very surprised when coming to Sapa Vietnam. After falling in love with love markets or festivals in the village, if he fell in love with a girl, the boy would go back and tell his parents to go to the girl’s house to ask the age of his lover. If they are the same age, the groom’s family will give the girl’s house a white silver coin. Whether the bride’s family wants to marry the child or not, the first time they refuse the white silver coin.

After a while, the groom’s family came to beg for the second time, if the girl’s family returns the white silver coin three days later, the groom’s family knows for sure that they have agreed to marry the child to their family. And since then, the boy’s family will choose an auspicious day to bring the gift to the girl’s house. After the official engagement ceremony, the bride-to-be will sew 2 sets of wedding clothes by herself in a year to prepare for the wedding in Sapa Vietnam

The most prominent in the wedding Sapa Vietnam is the bride’s outfit with a large red scarf covering a brocade-woven hat, studded with many Tet flower buds, interspersed with beautiful little bangles. The highlight of the Red Dao bride is the unique colorful outfit and sophisticated lines in the brocade culture of the Red Dao people in Sapa Vietnam – which has a tradition of famous brocade weaving from the past. In particular, in the wedding invitation custom, they replace the invitation card with 2 traditional zinc coins. The person invited to the wedding must return the above 2 coins and congratulate the bride and groom with paper money when going to the wedding.

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