The countryside beckons

Once when I was about to take a big holiday, when I told him that I was going to return to my hometown in Tho Ha ancient village, my colleague whispered: “The people in the countryside are so happy!”. Her colleague from the city, when she has free time, she and her family still travel here and there, but as she said, it’s boring to go all the time. Besides, it’s also full of noisy crowded places, sometimes wishing to have a quiet garden just to hang a hammock and sleep for a few days without being able to.

It turns out that even the original urban dwellers want to escape its hustle and bustle for a moment; let alone old men and women in the countryside, sometimes going to the city to visit their children and grandchildren for only one or two days, they rush to return, because: “Oh my god, it’s so noisy! If I stay one more day, I will die of illness.”

“The people in the countryside are so happy!” Her colleague’s words suddenly reminded me of the time about… 20 years ago. At that time, of course, I was just a boy in the countryside in Tho Ha ancient village and often heard the girls and uncles say to each other: “The people in the city are so happy!”. In the eyes of people in the countryside at that time, the city was sparkling and flashy; City people seem to have another “class”: very rich, living in luxurious houses with full amenities, just press the button and the machine runs on its own, without losing much sweat or effort.

Rural – urban may forever still exist some differences. However, it’s been a long time since I heard the phrase: “The city people are so happy!” again. Because amenities such as motorbikes, refrigerators, washing machines… that once admired and dreamed of by people in the countryside, are now quite normal. Improved living standards have significantly shortened the gap between urban and rural areas. Yes, there may be a lack of fun places or modern and flashy shopping centers in the countryside. It’s okay, if you don’t buy it at a big store, buy it at a small store, because the important thing is still the product. Moreover, many families in the countryside in Tho Ha ancient village sometimes pack their cars, or sit on their billion-dollar cars to go down to the city to have fun, shop, and then return.

“The people in the countryside are so happy!” People often admire what they don’t have. In the eyes of the city people now, perhaps the fresh, quiet space, the rustic intimacy, home-grown vegetables, self-raised fish and meat… no chemicals of the people in the countryside make them crave. That’s why there are many people from the city who have to rush back to the countryside to rely on people in the countryside to provide daily food. So much so that some people in the countryside in Tho Ha ancient village had to say: “The people in the city… are really guilty!”

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