The change of a craft village

Tho Ha belongs to Van Ha commune, Viet Yen district (Bac Giang), about 50 km north of Hanoi. Considered as the land of ” The land of geniuses”, famous throughout the country for pottery making and then for making rice paper cake and rice noodles. This place has a population of pure Vietnamese ancient architecture bearing the imprint of the culture of the Northern Delta. In particular, Tho Ha ancient village characterized by three sides is conterminous to the river, like an island, leaving the village is to take a boat.

Go to Tho Ha village, from the village road, from the alley, from the wall, roof, pond…where there is sunshine, there is rice paper. The whole village wafted a scent of… powder. Strolling to the end of the village, you will see the image of a woman sitting by the coal stove with her hands quickly turning cakes. The baked rice paper is as big as a tray, which is golden, hot, and crispy.

Perhaps, now, people mention Tho Ha because it is a densely populated village with the profession of making paper rolls, but few people remember that Tho Ha used to be one of the three oldest ceramic centers of the Vietnamese people, next to Phu Lang and Bat Trang.

Tho Ha is famous for its traditional craft of making rice paper rolls, rice noodles, and pottery. Tho Ha is currently a familiar and attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists, those who study architecture and fine arts, and artists and artisans seeking inspiration.

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