The challenge of Coc Re village elder

Si Ma Cai early winter, fog wrapped around the high mountains, see only a milky color. Across the Say San Phin slope, in the highland commune of Man Than, on the way, smooth concrete was poured, 3.5 m wide. Giang Thi Say carried a small child on her back, her shoulder carried a large table hoe of the H’mong, carried a kettle under her armpits, a bag of rice balls, a pipe smoker, and a cassava tube uphill. “Where do you go with so many things?” I asked. “My wife and I went to pave the way back to Ai Phong Cho village near Sapa Vietnam. My husband left early, I took my first son to class, then carried this baby, so I went later. Bring a pipe tobacco for your husband, “- Say replied.

Determining the breakthrough is the development of a smooth inter-communal and inter-village transport network with the district center and with the neighboring districts of Bac Ha and Muong Khuong. Since 2006, the Si Ma Cai District Party Committee has issued a separate resolution. on this issue. The first route was chosen as Coc Re – Ban Me near Sapa Vietnam, to “open” the hearts of the people and unleash the internal power of the people. Ethnic minorities are used to talking less and doing more. They believe in the actions of officials. The infrastructure department chooses good officers who are good at surveying and setting up lines, taking care of explosives to break rocks, and people donating land, contributing to the mountain leveling. After nearly two years, Ban Me road is more than 26 km long, the ground surface is 4 m wide, paved with gravel, motorbikes and cars run on ice. “It was a great day on the road. Coc Re people told each other to voluntarily dissect a horse, cook Thang Co in accordance with the local style, and invite everyone to join in the fun. The village elder of Coc Re carried a bowl of corn wine full of waves, his eyes filled with tears, he invited them all around, saying that he would be satisfied even if he died now, because the Mong people in Ban Me and in Coc Re already have a good road. Hanh recalls.

From Ban Me near Sapa Vietnam, the movement to build roads in Si Ma Cai spread throughout the communes. In just two years, Si Ma Cai opened hundreds of kilometers of inter-commune, inter-village and village roads. Thanks to the rural transportation system covering all villages, the Mong, Dao, Tay, Nung… living on the high border of the Chay River upstream have the opportunity to escape poverty, get rich, and raise the population. intellectual and cultural life.

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