The ceremony of worshiping the kitchen god in Tho Ha ancient village

The Tho Ha ancient village people believe that the kitchen god will ascend to heaven and tell the Jade Emperor the events that happened in the past year on earth. Therefore, the Tho Ha ancient village people have a ceremony to see off the kitchen god very heartily with the hope that the best will be said to the Jade Emperor, and the unlucky or bad things will be reported lightly, may be due to the culture and habits handed down from ancient times.

The worshiping ceremony to send the kitchen god is offered on the evening of the 22nd day of the 12th lunar month. After presenting the ceremony, burning incense and making vows, waiting for the incense to fade, then lighting one more incense, giving thanks and turning into votive paper and releasing carp into ponds, lakes, rivers, streams… to release fish to carry the kitchen god

Therefore, on New Year’s Day, Tho Ha ancient village people worship carp. People often prepare two or three live carp, put them in a basin of water, and make offerings with other offerings. After the offerings are finished, they will “release” life in rivers, ponds, and lakes, that is, to bring the kitchen god to heaven.

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