The ceremony of naming a daughter of the Mong ethnic group

On the selected day, when all family members and clans were invited, the naming ceremony of the Mong people in Sapa Vietnam was officially held at the home of the newly born child. The person who presides over the ceremony can be a member of the family or the grandfather of the child to be named. Early on, the naming ceremony began with an offering to report the house ghosts. Mr. Lung – the celebrant, takes a raw chicken and a raw egg, places it on a bowl of rice, and then burns 2 incense sticks and places it on top of it in front of the main door. Mr. Lung held two pieces of buffalo horn in his hand, while praying while looking at the door. In the offering, he reported to the main mascot and the house ghosts (grandparents, ancestors) to announce that a new child had been born in the family, praying to the ghosts for it to be healthy and grow up.

In this naming ceremony in Sapa Vietnam, the most important ritual is choosing and officially naming the baby. The name of the child is discussed and discussed by everyone, and the celebrant is the one to decide. When vowing to the house ghost is finished, the raw chicken is cooked and then the celebrant continues to pray for the child’s soul. According to Mr. Lung, for the Mong people, when a child is born, its spirit still wanders around, so they have to perform this ceremony to call back the spirit. After summoning the child’s spirit, Mr. Lung took 4 incense sticks and plugged them right into the foot of the bed where the child lay, with the intention that the child would grow up with industriousness and hard work.

While the celebrant performs the rites of naming a daughter of the Mong ethnic group in Sapa Vietnam, people slaughter chickens, prepare wine, meat, tables and chairs, and clean the house to worship their ancestors. When the preparatory work was done, the brothers and their families gathered in the house. After the naming ceremony ended, everyone continued to gather, eat, share about life, happy and sad stories in the family and especially take care of the new child. In the first days, the Mong people will often be very interested in taking care and raising children. They believe that this special care and attention will help children develop better and have a more fulfilling life in the future. In addition, the naming ceremony of a daughter of the Mong ethnic group is also an opportunity for the family to gather, bond and honor the traditions and cultural practices of the Mong people. This is one of the beauties of the Mong ethnic culture, creating unity, warmth and happiness in the family.

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