The brocade quintessence of the Mong people

Brocade patterns on the traditional costumes of the Mong people in Sapa Vietnam, where traditional cultural values are kept, have long been likened to a distinctive sign of this ethnic group. The Black Hmong migrated to Sapa about 300 years ago, living mainly along the Hoang Lien mountain range. The Hmong are the largest ethnic group living in Sapa National Tourist Area, accounting for about 53% of the population. They live in harmony with other ethnic groups such as Red Dao, Tay, Giay, Xa Pho. For a long time, the Black H’mong people in Sapa have been famous for their wet rice cultivation on terraced fields, or the weaving of silk, the dances of trumpet, the dance of umbrellas at love markets or in traditional festivals.

The traditional costume of the Mong people in Sapa Vietnam is the most obvious sign of identifying this ethnic group with other groups. The embroidered dresses with meticulous, vivid and beautiful motifs, highlighted with dark blue tones dyed from the indigo tree, accompanied by silver accessories, bags, leggings… look outstanding and attractive. . Traditional costumes of the Mong people are also divided into 2 types: Costumes used in daily working life; Costumes used in special days such as holidays, weddings, funerals, etc.

To create a traditional costume also has to go through many stages and spend a lot of time from the skillful hands of Hmong women in Sapa Vietnam. From the previous generation to the next, the Mong girls who are only about 10 to 12 years old know how to hire ajas proficiently and make their own costumes.

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