The beauty of Co Tien mountain

Co Tien Mountain is located right in the area of Muong Khuong town near Sapa Vietnam, a single mountain standing tall in the middle of the sky with white clouds. The top of the mountain is carved by the hand of nature to create stone chairs in the shape of Co Tien sitting, facing the North, covering the entire Muong Khuong valley. Legend has it that, once upon a time, there was a fairy who came down to the earth to travel to Xuan Xuan, seeing the strange beauty of this place, and the charming mountain water, so she was heavy-hearted to stay. Therefore, this mountain is called Co Tien mountain by ethnic people here.

Co Tien mountain has an altitude of 1,600m above sea level, located to the west of Muong Khuong mountain town near Sapa Vietnam. The northeast and southwest of the mountain are the source of two waterfalls “Coc Len” and “Sao Do” flowing through the territory of Ma Tuyen and Sang Chai villages, Tung Chung Pho commune. These two waterfalls meet at Ham Rong cave, the main entrance of the cave is where the clear Tung Lau stream originates, year-round winding through the mountains to irrigate the two rice fields Tung Lau and Muong Khuong over 400 ha.

Going uphill to the southwest, crossing the craggy road, to the top of the mountain, a stone slab about 1m wide in the shape of a table, a stone bench in the shape of Co Tien sitting, surrounded by 4 small chairs, 4 boys like The image of 4 dragons circling around, magnifies the vision to protect an entire valley and border of Muong Khuong. Not far away, a well of clear water, the surface is about 60cm x 1.2m wide. In the rainy season as well as in the dry season, the well always has a water level of 0.5cm as clear as a mirror, surrounded by precious trees growing in rocks on all sides. Only birds come to sit on the tree singing and chirping, evil animals such as tigers, leopards, snakes, centipedes must stay away according to the order of the king of heaven. According to the story, this is a place reserved for the fairies to go sightseeing, sit on stone benches and reflect on the clear water wells. The birds come to sing, the white-bellied, red-bellied, yellow-bellied, and brown-bellied squirrels come to spread, dance for the Fairy to see… Every month, on the first day of the full moon, the beautiful fairy comes from above. The sky flew down to admire the scenery, look at herself, and look in the mirror until the sun was about to set the top of the western mountain before she flew back to heaven.

Today, Co Tien mountain still stands, majestically looking at the town of Muong Khuong district near Sapa Vietnam. Along with Ham Rong cave, majestic and legendary national landscapes and even rice fields, corn fields, forests, immense green tea hills, are attractive cultural tourist attractions that are welcoming friends from all over the world.

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