The attractive beauty of Sunny Valley

Sunny valley is a new tourist attraction put into operation. The tourist area with its own wild and charming beauty attracts more and more tourists to visit. The way to the resort must go by boat from Thach Bich wharf  near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. What does the sun valley have? – The question of many people when they do not know about this tourist destination. Let’s discover what the sunny valley has to offer! First of all and about its name, the name “Vung” is the local name for the flooded lowlands surrounded by rocky mountains. Each valley like that, the people here give a separate name. The name Thung Nang is named for the valley by the locals because it is always full of sunlight shining through the branches, leaves, scenery, even down to the bottom of the peaceful water.

Previously, in the dry season, local people could plant rice all over the valley near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. But now tourism is developing, the local government has built a dam to prevent the water from receding so that tourists can come here to visit in any season of the year. Visitors taking a boat into the Sunshine Valley will be immersed in the vast nature and fresh and quiet atmosphere here. The cool blue water leads visitors into the sunny valley. The two banks of the river are the green of the reeds, of the trees swaying in the wind. In the open fields on the way to the valley, you can also see the peaceful roofs of houses looming behind the trees.

On each boat trip, chatting with the boat drivers, you get to understand more about the life of the simple, honest and hospitable farmers of the Northern Delta. The closeness of people and nature will be your peaceful relaxing moments when away from the busy urban area. The deeper you go, the more beautiful the scenery is with a system of many caves and diverse shapes. Visiting the valleys, you will be able to take a boat ride through the cave system in the mountains. Entering the cave, the cool air and stalactites undulating up and down create a mysterious beauty for the scene here. Sometimes you have to bend down when you see stalactites low on the ceiling of the cave. In the tourist resort of Sunshine Valley near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, you have more interesting places to visit such as: Ba Doi mountain, Coc mountain, Mang mountain, Vai Dai temple; The ancient Voi Dai temple worships the Tran Trach Son Lam mandarin. Thung Nang is a stop that you should not miss when coming to the ancient capital. Not only domestic tourists but also international visitors are very interested in coming here. The resort is the ideal destination for you to feel the peace and closeness to the unspoiled nature here

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