The attraction of Bac Ha pear blossom season

The pure white color of pear flowers on the highlands these days is attracting a special attraction for tourists. Early March is also the time when pear flowers in the highland communes of Bac Ha district near Sapa Vietnam. These days, the pear garden of Mr. Trang Seo Khua’s family is becoming a tourist destination. With over 800 pear trees, more than half of these are already flowering and fruiting.

Just past the plum blossom season, Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam “dresses” in a pure white shirt when the pear flowers bloom. Throughout the valleys, on high hills, in the garden… covered with white pear flowers, creating a great attraction for tourists. 2023 is the first year people organize the pear blossom festival, contributing to promoting tourism development. Local authorities have mobilized people to convert inefficient agricultural land into temperate fruit trees, especially baked pears.

Bac Ha district near Sapa Vietnam currently has 300 hectares of pear trees, of which nearly half are being harvested. The pear blossom season is adding a new attractive tourist product from nature, attracting tourists to the white plateau.

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