The afternoon blue smoke on the ancient village of Tho Ha

After every busy session, coming home late from work, just go to the kitchen, “crack” a dry sound resounds. The blue fire glows, soon no matter how big the pot of water is, it will boil… At such times, we crave to see the smoke of the kitchen, to hear the strong, sweet smell.

At first the fire kept creeping, creeping. It is like testing the limited human patience. Sometimes you have to hold your breath and wait to be filled with happiness when the fire that brings joy is flickering brightly! The smoke brings so many memories of my childhood to a faraway place? Those memories are a memory area that just needs to be touched lightly, and everything thought to be far away comes rushing back as clearly as if it just happened yesterday.

I remember the smoke that my father had lit up in the cold, numbing winter. In the flesh-and-blood cold, my father lit a red fire to drive away the obnoxious man who was swinging his thin hand to the seats of the little children who were huddled in thin clothes. We followed our father to chop firewood. There is a bamboo bush that people have cut down since then, now only the bamboo stalks are brave enough to compete with heaven and earth. So many people have come and left. In the time when rice was mixed with firewood and cinnamon, so many people came here to try…

In the wind, the sweet smell of honey was compared in the other potato. Nose-punching scent. We all tried to inhale as if we were afraid it would fly away. The sweetness of a farmer’s hard work, sunshine and rain, is still the same forever or is the sweetness of childhood friendship! The friends of my childhood have those who haven’t seen each other for decades, but the childhood memories that gently touch the nostalgia will still vibrate forever…

Tho Ha ancient village‘s homeland is increasingly changing. Sometimes I can see the kitchen smoke gently drifting and then dissipating into the high and wide space. But the smoke of the countryside still holds the soul of the countryside like that. Suddenly I silently called: Smoke!

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