“Thang Co” is a traditional dish, a specialty of Si Ma Cai.

We visit the family of Mr. Sung Seo Hoa, H’mong ethnic group, Si Ma Cai commune near Sapa Vietnam, who is famous for cooking the best thang co in Si Ma Cai, even though he has only been cooking this dish for 30 years. We came at the right time his family was preparing the ingredients, to make thang co for the Sunday morning market.

Talking with my grandfather, I learned that this dish was born nearly 200 years ago, has been passed down from the ancestors until now, this dish is a typical dish of the H’mong people in the Northwest mountains. Later, Thang Co dish was gradually learned by other ethnic groups. According to him, to have a delicious Thang Co pot, right from the selection of ingredients is also very picky. The main food is meat and organs for processing this dish can be horse meat, beef, buffalo meat, but it must be delicious, clean and clean. They are then cut into small pieces. Soak all the spices so that it takes some time for the spices to infuse into the meat, then it should be on the stove. Using a charcoal fire must be “flaming”, use a large pan, put all the marinated meats into the pan at the same time, stir-fry, and use the same fat in the meat to stir-fry, do not use extra fat. outside. When the meat becomes tender, pour water into the pan and continue to simmer for several hours. In order for the pot of water of the Thang Co pan to be delicious, he had to cook it very carefully, removing each spoon of foam during the cooking process so that the water was clear. Organs such as intestines, heart, liver, and secretions are usually added last. The main spices to cook this dish are salt, cardamom, star anise, lemongrass, and cinnamon. When enjoying this dish, it must be hot to feel the unique and seductive flavors. More specifically, to be able to fully feel the delicious taste of Thang dungfphair with a typical dipping sauce, in each region, Thang Co sauce is processed differently, and for Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam, water The dipping sauce is prepared according to a quite separate recipe that is very easy to make. To make the sauce, people will use Thang Co leaves, combined with fresh chili, dried chili, salt, pepper, and crushed coriander seeds. It can be used when mixed.

Next to the steaming pans of Thang Co, fragrant as if inviting visitors to enjoy. The boys raised a cup of passionate corn wine, this is an opportunity for everyone to gather together, after a week of hard work, to chat, to exchange business experiences, and to share experiences in business. life, everyday life. “Thang Co” is not only rich in flavor of highland cuisine, it is also associated with the cultural and spiritual life of the people here. For many years now, Si Ma Cai district has been looking for many solutions to promote the tourism service industry, on the basis of promoting the potentials and strengths of the locality, especially preserving the cultural values of the local people. High. Today, coming to Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam, in addition to admiring the wild beauty of the mountains and forests of Si Ma Cai, the white streets of Trau flowers, and admiring the brocade costumes imbued with the identity of the people. In the highlands, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the cuisine that only the highlands have such as: Thang Co horse, black pig, black chicken, Sin Cheng duck, upland vegetables. Along with the fresh climate and friendly people, it is hoped that this holiday Si Ma cai will be the destination of many tourists near and far.

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