Tet seasons with mom

Tet in the past is not the same as Tet today. Tet of the past was very poor! My family is one of the poorest in the Tho Ha ancient village. Mother and father raised four children under one arm, rowing through illness, hunger and thirst. Every time Tet comes, I feel like the burden is on my mother’s shoulders more and more. Mother’s time in the last days of December is so urgent. In addition to a few poles of field, her mother grows rice, grows potatoes, and grows vegetables, she also takes advantage of running the market. The rickety country market had my mother’s silhouette there. Skinny and quiet with the piles of cropped goods and vegetables for sale every day.

I never saw my mother resting. With a little free time, my mother took the old bicycle to buy goods until late at night and piled it up next to the house, preparing for the next day’s market. In the last days of December in my hometown, the cold seems to be getting colder. However, my mother woke up very early, at two o’clock in the morning, she lit the lamp, carefully tied each smell, a bunch of herbs, and brought it to the market to sell. Although my mother did not say it, I know that in order to have a Tet like other people in Tho Ha ancient village, so that the children do not have to wear old clothes on the first day of the new year, my mother has to roll and work hard early and late at night to earn money.

Remember on the afternoon of the thirtieth New Year, my mother prepared a large pot of old coriander leaf juice, “urging” the four children to take a bath. Many times we are lazy, we don’t want to take a bath, but with our mother, taking a bath in the afternoon of the thirties is not only to keep the body clean and fragrant, but also to cleanse and remove the bad luck in the old year.

Until now, even though many years have passed, every time I think about it, it still feels like there is still lingering on my skin the sweet scent of water in the cozy hometown atmosphere and in the happiness of being with my mother when I was younger

Dinner on the thirtieth New Year’s Eve made by my mother’s hand in Tho Ha ancient village. In the years of poverty, the simple meal consisted of only vegetables from the home garden, but it did not matter, we still felt strangely delicious. The year-end meal has a father, mother, and full of brothers and sisters. With relatives, a poor meal is more delicious because it is full of happiness. Fifteen years later, the year-end meal was full of fish and meat, and when I looked up at my mother’s photo, I was in tears. The aftertaste suddenly seemed bitter. I only wish I had a mother right now

Mother is the one who never let her husband and children go without clothes, but she only changed two sets of clothes. I have never seen my mother buy Tet clothes for me. Every time my sisters mentioned it, my mother laughed. “Mommy can wear whatever she wants at home.” Many years have passed, every time Tet comes to buy new clothes for my children, my heart aches because I miss my mother. The old promise, when I go to work with a salary, I will buy my mother the most beautiful lilac brocade shirt, has not come true.

Since my mother died, I have always arranged time to go home to help my father prepare a year-end meal, wash a bunch of dong leaves, pack cakes, pound a little pepper and pour out the jars… learn not only the dishes mom makes but also learn how to love her family.


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