Tet gift from my father

At that time, my mother had just passed away, my sister was married far away, only my father and Ut My, who was ten years old, remained at home. My wife is determined to follow her husband for a very good reason: to allow the children to study. As for me, for the future of my children, I have to accept it. When my father heard it, he was sad with tears in his eyes. Since then, my father fell into the situation of roosters raising children. At that time, there was a movement to pour salt water into the fields to catch shrimp and shrimp naturally. My father also works, but he only has 11 public lands, so the harvest is not enough to live. Every year, near Tet, he lay awake all night in his hammock thinking about how to repay the borrowed 10 bushels of rice, how to give Ut a set of clothes and a tray of rice to offer to his grandparents…

I don’t know where he learned the way of doing business is to plant the bowl tree on the bank of the shrimp square and then take the soursop sprouts to add to it. When it is large, the root is a bowl tree but the top is a custard apple tree, the fruit is also custard apple, but it is not as sweet as the purebred soursop fruit. Early in the morning, my father broke a few ripe custards and carried them to Tho Ha ancient village, away from a river to sell to earn some money to buy kerosene, fish sauce…

Seeing me, Ut was grown up, but like a child, he rushed out to hug me as if he was celebrating his mother’s return from the market. What a lack of love. It’s already 10 am, but the kitchen is cold, Ut waits for my father to bring rice to cook. That day was December 28, but my father’s family did not see the smell of Tet, fruit cakes, and melons. I asked: “How do you celebrate Tet?”, my father said, “I’ll be slapping tomorrow, then I’ll count my son”. I went out after the summer, looking at the platter with some choking fish eating their claws – the hope of “playing” for a year of my father but felt heartbroken. Since the day my wife and children left, my father’s house was so lonely that it was scary. Especially on New Year’s Eve, when I see people wrapping cakes and boiling cakes on New Year’s Eve … my father is very sad. Therefore, except for the busy years, I always bring my wife and children to celebrate Tet.

Every year, on the 28th of the Lunar New Year, if I don’t come back, my father stands still, then he quickly grabs a few things including a few kilograms of sticky rice, a few pre-peeled dried coconuts, a bunch of bananas, and a few custard apples to give as gifts to the countryside. They all sat on the bus to Tho Ha ancient village to give their children and grandchildren a New Year’s Eve. My father meant that those gifts were for my family to pack Tet cakes and celebrate Tet. That year was the year when the country transformed into the market mechanism, the salary was also better, so my family’s life also gradually improved. On Tet holiday, my wife did not pack Tet cakes, but went to the market to buy banh tet, coconut cakes and fruit cakes, the gifts that my father brought up were like leftovers, not suitable for the needs of urban people. Usually after Tet, the sticky rice wrap is still left in the corner of the kitchen, the custard-apple fruits and bananas that no one eats have turned yellow. When my father saw it, his eyes filled with a feeling of sadness, and then quietly returned to his hometown. That was the last year my father went to Tho Ha ancient village to celebrate Tet with his grandson, because he died nearly a year ago.

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