Tet dance festival in Sapa Vietnam

Tet dance is an extremely important festival of the Red Dao people in Sapa Vietnam, and is also one of the festivals that tourists traveling to Sapa from Hanoi want to explore. In order for the festival to be the most successful, preparations were made very early and meticulously. Red Dao young men will practice dances, dances, etc. For women, prepare costumes such as indigo dyeing, hiring motifs on the body to make the holiday the most beautiful.

The dance festival in Sapa Vietnam is usually held at the head of the family, all family members from old to young will gather together to prepare. At this time, the ancestral altar is most beautifully decorated, filled with colors and red couplets on both sides.

On the morning of the first day in Sapa Vietnam, after preparing the formalities, the magician will make a vow to prepare for the ancestral procession. Then he blew the horn and blew the horns in four directions and blessed the boys to jump into the burning coals. This is a coal bath ritual, because it has been blessed, so no matter how hot the fire is, it will not be burned. After reporting the ancestors, the shaman and the ceremony assistants will dance 14 dances with different, symbolic movements. Hop on one leg, then return to the altar to bow after a full turn. At the end of the new dance comes the ancestral procession.

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