Tell the story of the lotus

Indeed, I want to use the two words “phu sen”, to talk about the work that people, mostly hardworking men, work hard every morning on the lotus ponds, which I see most often in Tho Ha ancient village, to have fragrant lotus bouquets, perfume, beautify life. Thus, it is also a little honor to this hard work but no less poetic. Poetic, perhaps due to the view of wanderers like me, every morning leisurely cycling to breathe the essence of heaven and considered an addictive food, but not the Phu sen, please leave the quotes out, that’s the job. If it’s a job, it’s no joke.

However, just look at the way the men use long poles to push the bamboo boat away, pick up lotus flowers mixed in the fragrant leaves every morning in Tho Ha ancient village, and you can see the beauty of this work, despite the hard work. but certainly not without bringing excitement. And the more confident they are, when they are classified as “phus”, only those whose job is to bring beauty to life.

In order to pick early lotus flowers, the young in their twenties, all have to get up early, at the latest at 5am, they are already in the lagoon in Tho Ha ancient village, on a beautiful day as well as when it rains. Whether to marinate tea or burn incense to worship Buddha, the lotus flowers must also be picked very early, between 5-7am is the best. At that time, the lotus flower was still holding its wings, incubating in its heart the pure scent extracted by the most quintessential things of heaven and earth.

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