Tears of repentance

Ms. Luong is her husband’s sister-in-law in Tho ha ancient village. Cousins but close, seeing that she is lonely and miserable, so my husband and I sympathize, share and get close. Her house is an inter-village road from mine. From the day his son came to Japan to work, he actively asked my permission to create conditions for his mother to come over to his aunt’s house every Sunday to chat with him via smartphone, I immediately agreed.

Raising her son to Japan is a great achievement for her. Long, a boy without a father from a young age, studied until the 8th grade, he started to bloom, his friends roamed around, caught chickens, stole gold thread from his mother to play games, then left home to go to the dust. At all costs must find the young horse broken bridle back. Bringing the boy back from the rice shop, taking him to school for him to continue his studies is a gut-wrenching journey. However, studying until the 10th grade of the 10th grade at a semi-public school, Long once again got used to the old way, rushed to play and was spoiled. Day by day, she struggled to snoop and pull her son back. So where’s your father? The little boy has a father or not. Ms. Luong – a daughter in the past, her parents chose to marry her. Married at the age of fifteen in Tho ha ancient village, unable to resist the completely unreasonable reason of her parents “in the midst of suffering”, so she had to accept a loveless marriage. She mourns with her patriarchal father, comforts herself with faith, and then marriage will give birth to love like many people before her.

Oh no, you’re the exception. When she got married, from the time she had a miscarriage, her husband became the main pillar of a casino. Gambling is the fastest way to the road to bankruptcy. Poor and poor, his wife could not look up at the sky when she went to work, but every day she returned home, her ears were blocked, she lost a card and brought it home to pour it on her head. On the day when Long’s two-year-old sister came back, her face, hands and feet were bruised, her grandmother kept her mother and daughter at home. The other gambling husband did not once look for a wife and children, then he left the village to go away. When Long was ten years old, her parents turned to the first one in turn, there was a brother in the family, but he followed the migration to a new economic area in the mountains to live, her mother and daughter had to face many difficulties.

Ms. Luong is thin and lacks food, but the amount of work is one and a half times that of ordinary people, so her body is as thin as a leaf, now she has to run in the rain to find her children, her appearance is indescribable in Tho ha ancient village. I don’t know how to describe it when she knocked on my door, her voice broken, her eyes red, said, Long did not come to the old place, she searched from dusk until now and couldn’t find it. My husband went straight, turned off the TV, hurriedly put on a raincoat, then went to the door to take her bicycle in, he drove her to find her children. Two people dragged Long from the game shop.

Another night, the two of them found the boy, it was two o’clock at night. Two o’clock at night in the square with some friends. My husband said in an angry voice, just in 10th grade, dyed his hair, pierced his ears, drank beer. He raised his hand and then pulled it back, he told Long, “If you have the right, you will give me a really painful slap. Have you seen my work? Every day, the food I eat and the water I drink is from the fact that my mother got up late to ride bicycles down to the square, where we ate, drank, and collected cans to sell. Where does the money to go to school come from, from my mother going to my cousin’s house, feeding people to change diapers, you know??”. After he finished speaking, he took Ms. Luong’s hand and pulled her to the car to bring her back, she struggled, turned her head to look at her son, my husband pulled her hand away, let it be, if it wants to be fresh, it’s fresh, if it wants to wilt, let it wilt. it sucks, will soon go to the cemetery, come back. “Going to the cemetery” is nowhere to be seen, only seeing the hospital in front of me. That night, she collapsed and had to be taken to the emergency room. She suffered from severe weakness, low blood sugar. In the hospital, he fell ill with spina bifida and knee osteoarthritis. Oh my god, but I’m poor, but I can’t see her taking a day off, but she’s got sick from the rich. She laughed – thinking about her child made her forget the pain. On the tenth day in the hospital, my husband brought Mr. Long. I didn’t ask, but he said, it found itself. When he got home in Tho ha ancient village, he locked the door, and was about to turn the car around when he heard the neighbor told him to stay in the hospital, so he went over and asked him to drive him in to visit his mother.

I don’t know how to say it, how to understand it, I just conclude that the heart and mother’s love have its own magic. That must be the first time, Mr. Long calmly looked at his mother. His face was full of wrinkles, his eyes were bruised and sunken, lying on the hospital bed, his thin body pressed against the bed, his eyes were half-lidded, only half-open and closed, breathing so weak that he could not see the heartbeat of the bed. thin shirt covering the chest. The little boy stood looking at his mother, motionless for a long time. I saw his face turn from red to pale, tears falling from his eyes. Tears of repentance are the purest of tears – I think.

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