Taste of love

It was an early winter night in Tho Ha ancient village, that year I had just turned nine years old. That day, my mother came home later than usual. I sat on the doorstep and waited for my mother. It was getting dark, and I was starting to feel scared. Dad works away from home, mother has never come back at night like that. When darkness covered the door and closed the house, mother returned. The gate creaked loudly and I burst into tears. Mom quickly hugged me tightly and apologized profusely. The smell of sweat on her mother’s shoulders was strong. Mom wiped my tears. When the flickering firelight illuminated the kitchen and the rice cooker was empty, Mother pulled out a piece of pork from the lane. Mom pinched my cheeks and laughed. “You have to ride your bike all the way to town to buy it! Today is your birthday, I will make a barbecue to treat you.”

I took the flashlight with my mother to the garden. Mom took some lemongrass, some laksa leaves, a few branches of ginger, some fenugreek leaves and a banana leaf. The first night of winter is cold, the smell of ginger and the smell of earth is warm in the nostrils.

Under the dim kerosene lamp, mother cut pork belly into bite-sized pieces. Mom marinated the meat with some fish sauce, main noodles and pepper. The smell of fish sauce mixed with the scent of pepper permeated the small kitchen. My mother cut laksa leaves and fenugreek into small fibers, minced ginger and lemongrass and mixed with meat. Mother looked at me inhaling the spicy and aromatic scent of spices, smiling. Mom poured the seasoned meat into the banana leaf and wrapped it up, sandwiching it between two bamboo tongs. The coal stove is glowing pink. Mom grilled burgers on the stove. A few drops of fat dripped onto the sizzling coals, and Mom turned the other side to continue grilling. The aroma of meat, pepper, ginger, lemongrass … was released all over the kitchen by embers, making my stomach rumble.

When my mouth was full of saliva, my mother took down the sandwich. Mom pulled out a banana leaf. At this time, the aroma is “released” filling the kitchen. Mom took a piece of meat, blew it to cool it down, and told me to open my mouth. The scent hit my nose, the sweet taste melted at the tip of my tongue, making me ecstatic. I closed my eyes and saw each taste seep into my tongue. The fatty taste of meat, the spicy taste of pepper, the taste of lemongrass, the strong aroma of ginger, the rich taste of mixed fish sauce… make the meat go down the neck quickly. Mom laughs:

Thirty years have passed, and my parents still live in a small house in Tho Ha ancient village. I have crossed many cities in search of my own life and happiness. Today, I took my small family home to visit my parents. My wife hid in the kitchen preparing some dishes. Cu Huynh followed him to the pond to feed the fish. Mother took a basket of vegetables from the garden and sat down on the steps. Mother’s hair was white, her back was bent. Tired mother put her hand on her back. I went to sit next to my mother and pat her shoulder. The scent of my mother’s vegetable basket is faint. The smell of ginger, lemongrass, and earth is warmly intertwined. The scent calls back memories. I have been to many cities, enjoyed many delicious foods, but have never seen a meal as delicious as my birthday when I was nine years old in Tho Ha ancient village. Turns out, there’s nothing like a mother’s love!

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