Tam Coc Ninh Binh fragrant rice season

Some people say, coming to Tam Coc Ninh Binh in the ripe rice season is to enjoy the beauty of the rivers in the Southwest region, the mountains in the Northwest and the wet rice fields of the Northern Delta. Nature and human efforts have turned the scenery here into a unique and poetic beauty. Having said that, coming to Tam Coc every season is beautiful. Mountains, rivers, rows of pink water lilies, white water nymphs among the round green leaves along the Ngo Dong river, people in harmony with historical stories, traditions of fighting the enemy to defend the country… are the highlights. attracts tourists when coming here. Welcoming us at Van Lam wharf was a real old farmer, with a long beard, some gray hair, bright eyes and mouth. Boats follow the river, passing Ca cave, Hai cave, and cool Ba cave.

The old man leisurely rowed the boat, the water was calm, and people seemed to blend in with the immense clouds and sky. In the old man’s story, the landscapes of Tam Coc Ninh Binh land appear one after another, along the river. This place was not only the base of the Tran Dynasty’s army and people during the resistance war against the Mongol-Nguyen army, but also a shelter for our army and people during the resistance war against the French. Following the rhythm of rowing, the ripe rice fields seem to spread golden on both sides of the river. Weaving through the limestone mountains, the boat floats like a leaf along the river, a clear blue color sparkling between two strips of brilliant yellow rice. We immersed ourselves in the characteristic aroma of ripe rice, immersing ourselves in nature to enjoy the fresh, cool air.

The old man’s house also has a rice field near Ba cave. He said that the custom of growing wet rice in Tam Coc Ninh Binh has existed for a long time. In the past, people planted traditional crops mainly to serve family life. Now, rice is grown not only for harvest but also for tourism. The rice ripening season is around the end of May. Before that, the rice blooms, blooms, and gradually blooms over time, all requiring the care of the people who row boats and tend rice here. The rice variety grown in Tam Coc is Thai Xuyen 111 rice, chosen because it has tall stems, good lodging resistance, strong tillering, and good resistance to pests and diseases. To have golden fields in the ripe rice season stretching along the Ngo Dong river, agricultural extension officers and farmers also have to calculate very skillfully. This year, with rice, people created a folk painting “Ly Ngu Vong Nguyet” (Carp looking at the moon) on a field of nearly 10,000 square meters with the wish for a peaceful country and people, a good harvest, and good health. shows the aspirations, efforts and resilient will to overcome all difficulties to achieve success of the people here.

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