Ta Van village in Sapa Vietnam

Ta Van village is located in the commune of the same name, in Sapa Vietnam. The location of the village lies with its back against the mountain and the front facing the romantic Muong Hoa valley. The name Ta Van also means “big arc” to refer to this place. Because the landscape around the village is all terraced fields, so if you come here during the flood season, go around May, June or during the ripe rice season which is August and September are also the times here. richest in vitality.

In the morning in Sapa Vietnam, sip a cup of tea, slowly look in the distance at the terraced fields in bloom, as if wearing a new shirt with the fragrant yellow color of the pleasant and gentle scent of sticky milk in the highlands. Looking at the clouds and sky, enjoying the rice fields whispering in the wind, it feels like time is stopping, strangely peaceful. And here are three cafes I recommend for you to have the most wonderful view of Ta Van.

One homestay in Ta Van in Sapa Vietnam that I have experienced and really liked is Ta Van Go homestay by Mr. Gon Rau. I often call it the more affectionate name Home Bong Gon because every room is full of cute stuffed animals 🙂 Home has single rooms, double rooms, groups of 4-5 people and community dorm rooms. Whoever comes to Ta Van, please call Mr. Gon to take you to see the rice fields, bathe in the stream, kayak, and hunt for clouds!

To learn more about Sapa Vietnam, please contact with nobletours.net!

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