Ta Phin village

Ta Phin village is about more than 10km from Sapa Vietnam to the northwest, when coming here, visitors will be attracted by Ta Phin’s pristine natural scenery, layered terraced fields, streams embracing the village. , explore the famous Ta Phin cave… Here tourists also have the opportunity to directly bathe in the medicinal leaves of the Red Dzao, Mong…

Coming to Ta Phin village, tourists will understand more about the customs, habits and daily life of the ethnic community here. The traditional cultural practices of the Red Dzao people have been restored and staged into performances for tourists such as: wedding ceremony, dance ceremony “Bai Tram”, “catch ba ba” , “bell dance”, love song…; H’mong people have swearing-eating festivals, term-retirement offerings, village worshiping ceremonies and especially Gau Tao festival.

Brocade is an indispensable gift for tourists every time they come to Sapa Vietnam. For the highland ethnic people, brocade is not only used to decorate and embellish beauty, but also as a souvenir of love or on the wedding day of couples. The pattern lines shown on the brocade plate are the quintessence of the culture imbued with national identity that makes Sapa brocade cannot be mixed with any brocade products of any region.

Today, Ta Phin village is a favorite stop for tourists coming to Sapa, especially those who love adventure trekking. From the center of Sapa Vietnam, you can ride a motorbike or car along the trail down to the village and then park the car at the stop to walk to visit the village, for the most convenience and simplicity you should book Sapa tours departing daily. , you will be arranged by tour operators to pick you up and guide you to visit and explore the villages to the fullest.

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