Ta Phin village of the Red Dao people – Sapa

Ta Phin village is inhabited by the majority of the Red Dao people and also by the H’Mong people. Not far from the town, the road to Ta Phin village follows the winding mountainside next to terraced fields. Peach and plum trees by the roadside bloom with brilliant flower clusters in the cold mountainous region as welcoming visitors. Right from the beginning of Ta Phin village in Sapa Vietnam, the Dao community has shown hospitality with smiles and greetings, inviting guests to visit. Fires were burned on the porch to warm women’s wings, somewhat dispelling the cold highland. The Dao girls in bright red costumes skillfully embroider scarves and brocade shirts and are ready to guide curious guests on how to mix colors, weave fabrics…

Ta Phin village is known by many domestic and foreign tourists for its famous brocade making with all shapes and eye-catching colors. These products are completely created by the skillful hands of the Dao and Hmong women, with pattern lines shown through the motifs of plants, flowers, birds, etc., bearing the nuances of wild mountains and forests associated with their long-standing lives. In the wooden house, one can easily see rattan baskets filled with forest leaves used as medicine to sell to tourists. The Red Dao people are also famous for making medicine for back pain and especially soaking medicine, bathing medicine to relieve fatigue. Visiting Ta Phin village in Sapa Vietnam, you can also bathe with medicinal leaves of the Dao people right at their home. You will enjoy the feeling of relaxation when relaxing in a wooden bathtub filled with hot water, emitting a light scent of forest leaves.

Next, the trail leads to the end of Ta Phin village. Walking about 1km, you will come to a high mountain, at the foot of the mountain is Ta Phin cave, both large and deep, inside there are many stalactites of various shapes, which is said to have been the shelter of the Dao ancestors. If you want to explore this cave, ask the Red Dao women to shine the lights, guide you to visit at a low cost and have the opportunity to laugh and chat together. In addition, in the center of the village is the recently built Ta Phin Community House, with a unique architecture inspired by the traditional scarf of the Dao women with red paint that stands out among the mountains and forests, becoming an ideal common place for Ta Phin villagers and tourists. Or at the top of the village is Ta Phin ancient monastery with mossy stone walls in Sapa Vietnam, which will be a place for you to compose fancy frames.

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