Sweet village

This morning, leisurely on the Tho Ha ancient village road, the color of corn and rice dyed my figure, the mountains and hills seemed to want to embrace me completely. The roots of the village spread wide and are adorned with clusters of ripe fruits to call the birds to the holy grail.

Nestled in the shadow of the banyan tree is an ancient temple that every time we come here, we cannot deceive our hearts. Under the shadow of the tall soapberry tree in Tho Ha ancient village, each step gently brought me back to the green source, reflected through the long miles of mulberry trees, praying to wash away all my troubles.

I was quietly by the Tho Ha ancient village well, whispering apologies to myself for the years of separation. The mossy grasses grow loosely on the surface of the water, covered with ancient stories that are both mysterious and elegant.

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