Sweet taste of home garden sugarcane

My brother and I grew up and saw the sugarcane garden in the green garden in Tho Ha ancient village. Mother’s thin, bone-thin hands still love the garden every day besides her love for us. As the years went by, we kept growing up, and my mother’s back became more and more hunched, the sugarcane garden continued to grow season after season with her mother like a close friend.

Tin and I just came home from school and ran out into the garden to look and search. Although every sugarcane garden is eye-catching, it was quite tiring for us to choose the best purple sugarcane for both of us. It must be a sugar cane with a purple color, very thin eyes. Because my mother said that when eating sugarcane, it will be very crispy, very soft and sweet. I cut the sugarcane into pieces with a knife, then the two brothers sat down on the soft grass in the corner of the garden, and continued to eat delicious dishes. My mother said it very right, just put the cane stick in her mouth and took a bite to feel the very own and unique flavor of this specialty dish.

Sugarcane harvest season arrives in Tho Ha ancient village. The sugarcane trees were cut down by their father and mother close to the roots, stripped of their leaves, laid neatly on the land and tied up in neat bundles. Mom laughed bitterly because the sugarcane crop was in good season. My mother plans to buy me more new clothes, buy a new bicycle so that Tin can go to school to reduce his stress. We just heard her say that and we were so happy.

During the sugarcane harvest season, my mother wakes up very early to prepare for a day of going to the market. The unified bike was delicately designed by my father with two bamboo stalls hooked on both sides and a long piece of bamboo tied to the handlebars for my mother to carry. Two bundles of sugarcane neatly lined up along the stall followed her mother down the street while the ground was still covered in a milky white mist. Coming to the city, my mother roamed the streets again from morning until the car ran out of sugar cane, and when the west was red, she returned home. That job repeated with her mother until she ran out of sugar cane in the garden.

At that time, I did not realize my mother’s hardships, all because she wanted us to have a good education, to be equal to friends. Recalling the times when I skipped school to swim in the river with my neighbor Luong, and had to receive beatings from my mother, I was angry at her for a long time. Then a few times, my mother had to give up her job to rush to school to meet my homeroom teacher because I was lazy and naughty… I didn’t know that my mother’s sugarcane garden had been supporting my family since the very beginning. most extreme.

Gone are the days of conical hats, bare feet, and austere clothes. My brothers and sisters are now adults and have stable jobs and families of their own. All from the mother’s labor in the sugarcane garden. My mother is over 60 years old. The age that should have been peaceful, happy to enjoy the merits of raising children and grandchildren. Many times I advise: Now my family is no longer as hard as before, so my mother does not have to grow sugarcane anymore. Mom smiled and then gently: Mom planted sugarcane to relieve sadness on hands and feet. Besides, let the mother’s grandchildren come back to visit her diligently!

My whole family came to visit Tho Ha ancient village during the sugarcane season. My mother took the children to the garden, picked the most delicious sugarcane and sat down, chopping it into small pieces for me to eat, smiling kindly. Looking down from the yard, the sugarcane garden whispers sweet songs in the wind. The taste of childhood cane filled with mother’s love once returned, making me flutter…

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