Sweet corn soup on a rainy day

When the market came back, mom said, it’s been raining a lot these days, corn is cheap, and people who sell it are sad. Mom bought dozens, both to help the old lady sell corn, and to make some dishes the whole family liked to eat. Today is free, mom makes corn soup. Corn sticky rice, corn tea, everyone knows. But corn soup must be heard by many people for the first time. Like corn ram, this is a very special dish of Tho Ha ancient village. But ram corn can go to the restaurant. As for the corn soup, I only know how to go home and call my mother.

In fact, calling my mother cook is because I love to eat home-cooked meals made by my mother’s hands, like the feeling of the whole family sitting around a hot meal. But cooking corn soup is not difficult. When I was studying in Saigon, my compatriots who missed their hometown called out to a restaurant to eat ram corn. I invited my friends to buy corn to cook soup, pack ram. Still as good as outside. The ingredients for the corn soup are very simple. Just a few corns with a bunch of vegetables is enough. The corn is neither too young nor too old. Any vegetable is fine. My mother often cooks with spinach to add sweetness to the soup. In corn soup, vegetables are the main ingredients and corn mainly plays the role of sweetening water instead of shrimp, meat, and bones. For those who are vegetarian, corn soup is really a great choice for soup menus.

Cooking corn soup in Tho Ha ancient village is not too difficult. Can be de-oiled with onions or compressed for aroma. Wait for the broth to boil, add the chopped corn and stir gently. Wait for the water to boil again, add the vegetables, season to taste. Simple is that. But it is from the simplicity that is the secret to the deliciousness of corn soup. It is from that simplicity that eaters can feel all the sweet aroma of the milky corn, the sweet taste of green vegetables. On a sunny day, eating cool corn soup feels light. On a rainy day, a cup of fragrant sticky rice with a bowl of hot and sweet corn soup suddenly tastes better. Mother still said, if you eat too much bone broth, you will get bored. At times like that, I don’t understand why I like to have a bowl of corn soup cooked with spinach and amaranth.

My friends often tell me about the specialties of their hometown. Most of them are quite sophisticated in the way of processing. When I told them about corn soup, corn ram, everyone was surprised, from the strange sounding name to the cooking method, the way to enjoy is quite simple. My mother always said, Tho Ha ancient village people are simple but sincere, simple but generous, talented. Eat corn soup, you will feel it. Perhaps for many people, corn soup is the leftover food of a poor time. But for my mother and I, it is the dish of sweet and loving country love, of warm family affection. Life is developing more and more, my meals are no longer lacking in fish and meat like before. However, when it rains, I suddenly feel strange cravings for a country meal with boiled sweet potato dipped in female fish sauce, corn soup cooked with spinach, amaranth…

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