Summer in Bac Ha

Summer to Bac Ha to escape the heat Far from the heat of 37.38 degrees in Hanoi, Bac Ha is located at an altitude of about 1,000-1,500m above sea level, so it has a mild climate, the average temperature is about 25 degrees. . A 2 to 3 day trip to Bac Ha is an ideal choice for backpackers this summer.

About 300km from the center of Hanoi capital, Bac Ha town is located near Sapa Vietnam. Not too crowded and appear many negative sides of tourism like in Sapa, nor too wild and quiet like in Ta Xua; Bac Ha is just enough for backpackers who want to find a place in the middle of the above criteria, with enough services to rest and just enough nature to explore.

The climate is inherently an advantage in Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam. When many other regions start to feel the heat of summer, in Bac Ha, the weather is still cool, the mustard flowers bloom brightly, and the pink buckwheat flowers bloom all over the hills in Ban Pho and Lu Than. It can be said that summer is the most beautiful season in Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam. In April and May, the terraced fields enter the pouring water season. June is autumn or Tam Hoa plum, the season of the traditional horse racing tournament. July is the season of the fields of purple sand flowers, creating a different beauty compared to many other mountainous areas in the Northwest. At this time, the rice fields of the “girls” period create a green color.

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