Summer gift

This morning, when I was having breakfast at home in Tho Ha ancient village, the motorbike was parked in front of the door. The children’s father had just returned from going out, holding a bouquet of lotus flowers in his hand and a bag of lotus flowers in his hand. I ask for some flowers for you to plant and some lotus flowers for your children.” I received a bouquet of lotus flowers, secretly thanking my husband. I hope to have a bunch of lotus flowers from the beginning of May, but I’m busy with children so I don’t wander the streets like previous summers to buy. Every time I pass by the lotus pond next to my house, I look at the flowers rising, wondering when they will cut them. In previous years, every summer, I would occasionally meet a car full of lotus flowers peddling on the street.

There was a time when people picked lotuses right on the occasion of the mother-in-law’s death anniversary. I bought a bunch to bring back to my hometown in Tho Ha ancient village and put it on the altar, thinking about the scene of the lotus flower radiating and blooming makes me feel satisfied. If anyone asks me what kind of worship flower represents love and filial piety and gratitude, I will answer that it is the lotus. The gentle floral scent, the soft lotus petals, the gentle ethereal flower color, all of which is like a mother’s silent sacrifice for her family. Every summer, I always wish to have a bunch of lotus flowers in my house. Just looking at that flower color, the heart will be gentle and gentle. Lotus is the sweet gift of summer. From the days of April, lotus branches emerge from the water and bloom green and then turn dark green, the leaves bloom and cover the water surface. The lotus branches pierced straight to the sky, and then slowly opened their buds. The flowers bloom from the beginning of May to the end of May and the beginning of June, when the lotus dies, people row a small canoe to the middle of the lotus pond to harvest fresh lotus seeds.

I remember, the first time I ate lotus seed porridge, it was ten years ago, I went to a friend’s house to play and was led to a shop selling vegetarian porridge. A small vegetarian restaurant is modestly located in Tho Ha ancient village, with a bowl of porridge of all kinds, including the fat taste of lotus. I fell in love with lotus seed porridge since then. After ten years of flying with life, I could not return to my old place to taste the sweet porridge again. Until now, when I got married, gave birth to a child, and returned to my hometown, they planted a lotus pond less than a kilometer away from my house and we have freshly picked lotus seeds. That day, when my mother was sick, she could not eat anything, so I cooked lotus porridge for her to try. The taste of lotus porridge mixed with the taste of freshly harvested rice makes the porridge sweet, fleshy, smooth and soft. That feeling makes the eater very comfortable. Even if he is tired, he will try to eat all the porridge, because of the soft and relaxing aftertaste it brings on the tip of the tongue. Mom ate all the porridge I brought. I secretly thought, lotus seems to be a dish for people who love each other. If possible, I will keep fresh lotus seeds all year round in the kitchen, so that in four seasons, whenever people are sick, I will cook a bowl of porridge with fleshy flesh, sweet, smooth, and soothing for them. That aftertaste will surely coax the sick person’s feeling of fatigue and wanting to give up. A cup of porridge is easy to move people, people are happy. Every summer comes a lotus season. On the main summer days, when you go to the market, you can see lotus seeds everywhere, round and white seeds wrapped in small packages. Housewives buy to enjoy the taste of lotus at the beginning of the season, fresh, fleshy, and fat.

Each year, lotus only grows and blooms for about 1-2 months and then hides in the deep mud. Few plants have such miraculous vitality. It is often said that those who experience suffering are often not sweet and do not want to be sweet with life. But lotus is not like that. Whether the sun is bitter, the rain is heavy or the storm is up to two or three times, even if it hides in the mud for up to 9-10 months, but when it meets the warm summer sunshine, the lotus emerges again, green and fragrant. smell. That omission, which is so precious, is admirable. And maybe, each of us can rise from the lowlands of life, conceive our own rosebuds from the darkness and radiate a radiant fragrance to the world, like a lotus.

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