Summer fruit picking

Experience the Fruit Picking Festival in Quan Ho Than Commune near Sapa Vietnam with pear-laden orchards and experience the “Summer Fruit Picking” activity, conquering the mountain top and immersing in the unique life and activities of the Mong ethnic people. locally. Explore Ban Me with the experience of relaxing fishing activities, stairs to the clouds, sightseeing on the tower, participating in cultural exchange activities, folk art, ethnic cuisine, and experience the custom. shop and life of local ethnic people, visit and immerse in nature at the flower garden in the Northwest of Coc Re village, experience a cruise along the Chay river route from Ban Me (Si Ma Cai) to Coc Ly

Also included in the program “Si Ma Cai – Flavors of the highlands” in September 2022, Si Ma Cai district near Sapa Vietnam will organize the “Sin Cheng Golden Season” festival for visitors to admire and feel the beauty of the plots. terraced fields stretch on the mountain slopes in Sin Cheng commune and blend in with the golden color of rice in the ripe season; At the same time, experience the unique folklore, life, customs and habits of the ethnic minorities in Sin Cheng and Ban Me and Thao Chu Phin communes during the season of rice crop.

This is the largest cultural-tourism event held for the first time in Si Ma Cai district near Sapa Vietnam. Activities are organized on a district scale, with a series of events taking place in communes and towns to introduce, promote, call for and attract tourism investment, aiming to build brands and diversify cultural tourism products, preserving and promoting national cultural values imbued with identity, contributing to the development motivation, making the border highlands of Si Ma Cai become an attractive new destination for tourists. in the border area

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