Summer day watermelon

From the garden to the field, along the two sides of the path, and most of the village market in Tho Ha ancient village … there are melons, also known as melons, cracked melons. In my hometown, people start planting from the beginning of February of the lunar calendar, to the middle of May and June of the solar calendar is the season for fruit. This summer fruit usually ripens in batches and lasts about one to two months. It is a delicious and easy-to-eat fruit, but if it is enjoyed during the main season, we can fully feel its special flavor. Everyone says, there is nothing as simple as country food. Watermelon is such a delicious herbal gift.

Remembering a difficult childhood, unforgettable memories of home-grown melons in Tho Ha ancient village. Remember the mother’s work in the soil, sowing; remember the father’s watering, cultivating; I remember the times when I followed my mother to visit the fields, watched the melon fields full of fruit, and looked forward to the day when the sweet fruit would be bountiful… even more appreciative of the sweat and sweat of the growers. I feel the radiant happiness in the satisfied smiles of my parents as I cherish each large, round and heavy melon. After each harvest, the mother’s part is sold to traders in the field, the part is sold at the market, and given to relatives. Mother also left the most delicious melons for my brothers and sisters to eat…

Learning from my parents’ experience in Tho Ha ancient village, I am quite proficient in how to look and choose melons. Delicious fruit usually has a round shape, feels firm and heavy in the hand, and the stalk is new; On the skin of the melon there is a thin layer of fine hairs, accompanied by cracks in the peel, with a pleasant aroma. The right melon is when the fruit is old, the yellow stripes are darker than usual, the flesh will be yellow in addition, just peel, remove the seeds, cut into bite-sized pieces, put in the bowl, add sugar or sprinkle with condensed milk, add a few ice cubes and so on, make sure everyone has a delicious nod. Coming home from work in the fields, Dad made a glass of sugar melon, immediately woke up, completely refreshed in the hot, sultry weather. My brother and I came home from school, had a glass of melon with iced milk and felt delicious. Mom laughed and said: “Eating a cup of sugar melon is both cooling, nutritious and good for health” I remember every time Khanh and his wife in the neighborhood had a dry cough or were tired, my mother often I sent my brothers and sisters to give them some delicious melons. Then in the village, from children to the elderly, anyone who suffers from insomnia, indigestion, wants to have beautiful skin… can use this dish to improve. .

Growing up and starting a business away from home, but for me, melon is still deeply embedded in my memory. When I got home in the summer, my mother graciously made me a glass of sugar melon smoothie with a loving voice: “It’s watermelon season. It’s so wonderful to look at the rustic fruit of my hometown. The other day, a friend from out of town came to my house to give me some ripe melons, saying it was a home-made gift, eating to cool off, feeling precious and grateful. Then, suddenly, the long and uninvited childhood memories, just like that, fluttered in my heart.

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