Su Pan – A fairy village in the middle of a sea of clouds in Sapa

Sapa Vietnam is so noisy, but just leave the town center and go to the East 17 km, you will get lost in a lovely fairy village, peaceful, no smoke and traffic, only hidden houses on stilts. In the mist, birds chirping mingled with the sound of the wind… Su Pan Commune consists of 4 small villages of Black H’mong and Red Dao people lying on the rocky slopes of Na Trong, looking down at Muong Hoa valley. Su Pan used to be a quiet, hidden and timid land relying on mother nature with kind people all year round who only knew rice and corn. However, in the past 2 years, that land suddenly “wake up”.

The people of Su Pan in Sapa Vietnam now know how to take advantage of the wild, lyrical beauty and inherent cultural identity to do tourism. Su Pan is small, going one day is all the way, to every corner, to visit every house. Surrounding that beautiful land is the green color of the mountains, terraced fields, and small houses.

Coming to Su Pan in Sapa Vietnam, tourists are impressed because each house has a unique welcome gate designed by the family. The gate is decorated with bamboo and wood, with agricultural products and tools. The outside is engraved with the owner’s name, address, phone number and attached a name so that anyone who comes once will be impressed and never forget it.

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