Straw – Yellow color on Tet holiday

In the past, in Tho Ha ancient village, Tet came, in addition to the yellow color of apricot flowers, there was also a golden straw. Looking at the straw, you can guess what the crop was that year. The big straw is the winning rice. The golden straw is that year the rain is favorable and windy. Farmers call it “building a straw” which means building a house. Straw must be arranged so that it is neat, linked together into a round shape. Tho Ha ancient village people are careful and thoughtful, so they build a very beautiful straw. Straw is groomed to straighten like a comb for human hair.

The straw is also a “gathering place” for children to play with many folk games. Straw is something for cows to eat, compost for growing crops and many other uses, such as burning snakehead fish or lining nests for laying hens.

In modern farming in Tho Ha ancient village, straw is rolled from the field and sent to the factory. The straw is less so on New Year’s Day, sitting in the house looking out at the yard, sipping a cup of tea, a cup of wine, looking at the newly built golden straw with the smell of rice is just a recollection of the old golden season.

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